about me
(hello, again!👋)
I completed my Bachelor's in Computer Science in 2019. While I enjoyed being in touch with technology, I spent most of my free time in undergrad interning as a designer for startups. I interned for a period of 6 months as a frontend web developer and later worked for 1 year from 2020-21. During this time I worked closely with UX Designers, and realized that I was a lot more interested in creating designs than implementing them.

When I'm not working on my design skills, I can be quiet and introspective. On the weekends, I like to read books that help me reflect on the things that make our lives meaningful. Reading philosophy, I've found, helps me step out of the trivialities of our daily lives and sharpen my perspective. Here's a picture of me enjoying a nice day at the park! 

My first cave!

Here's a picture of me fascinated by my first caving experience!

However, when I don't have enough time to travel all the way to the caves in Tennessee and Alabama, you can find me taking long strolls early in the morning. I like taking new routes and capturing all the nature around me. As you will see below, I'm into photography, and am always trying to strike the right balance between living and capturing moments.

Exploring is a large part of my identity. I believe it helps us understand ourselves and the things that make us unique. Nothing makes me happier than stumbling upon niche artists, art, books, and routes that are highly personalized to my liking :)